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April 13, 2017
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Top 10 Places to make the most impact with your online class

Quite often I get emails from potential students asking what kind of impact they should expect from taking the online course.

I realize that given ideal circumstances every student would be able to attend a shooting clinic with Joel but the reality is this information needs to be in every shooters hands and for one guy to make those rounds is impossible.

At this point in time we are already seeing an incredible rise in demand for the Controlled Process Shooting system and local clinics are making huge impact with shooters weekly. As the year progresses we will have quite a few other clinics scheduled that we will notify our subscribers about and are of course always open to new ideas if you have the right group. But for the large majority of you I just have to ask the question of why wait?

Why Wait?

Having helped put the course together I realize my perspective is a little skewed but I think its worth while to point out the many benefits of having access to the online course. Since our release of the course in April of 2016 we have had over 300 students take the course and see the benefits from online instruction. Not to mention some of these student had already attended a live clinic with Joel at some point in the last few years.

And the feedback has been tremendous. Weekly we hear from shooters that have struggled to control their shot for years, sometimes decades, and have only now found pleasure again in shooting their bow. For many of them the talk of an “ah-ha” moment occurs at some point during one of the videos that helps solve some long drawn out problem they have had in their shot process or aiming sequence.

So although it would be great if we could get everyone to a clinic, don't wait, take the course, and take it into the field with you.

The online course works on all mobile devices, giving you a huge learning opportunity in the environments where it counts. Don’t get hung up sitting in your house taking the class, get in the field and break up your learning to make a bigger impact in how you retain and practice the system.

Top 10 Places to Take The Online Course:

1. Archery Range: Ive found myself sitting in the truck for 15 minutes reviewing one of the modules before hitting my local flat range.

2. Backyard Range: Section 3 is a great module to take in the backyard between rounds. We are taking about target panic so this will give you an opportunity to spot signs in your own shooting.

3. Treestand: Sitting in a tree for 6 hours can make you a little itchy for something to do. Next time try taking a module while your waiting for big luey.

4. Mid Day Break on a Hunt: Last september I found myself opening up section 9 in the field a couple times after a busy morning hunt.

5. Before A 3D Shoot: We focus on the mental aspects of shooting so dialing in on your process and mantra before a shoot will help put more 10x’s on the score sheet.

6. In The Truck: Headed to the hunting grounds in the truck? Plug in the course and listen on the way.

7. Sitting in the Blind: Shooting turkeys with a bow requires a really accurate shot, this is a perfect time to review section 6.

8. In the Tent: Foul weather can put you in tent for long periods of time. This is a perfect opportunity to burn a little time learning.

9. At Work: Take a couple modules at work when you have a lunch break, because we all know shooting well is more important anyways.

10. Anywhere there is service! - If you have time, desire to learn, and a decent signal then its a good time for a class.
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