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Every course is thoroughly researched and tested before it earns the IRONMIND stamp of approval. That's why we are proud and confident to offer a 100% money-back guarantee—try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

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What you get in this class is both an educational overview and systematic approach to archery.

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Instinctive Elk Calling

The Instinctive Elk Calling Class will show you how to tap into your mammalian intuition and provide you with solid principles to use in the elk woods. You will acquire an ability to adapt to changing calling situations and learn to manage the elk you're pursuing on his home turf. Speak the language and CONTROL YOUR GAME.

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"Joel is an exceptional teacher who not only possess the knowledge but also the patience & method of delivery that even the most stubborn can learn from!"
~ Justin Jackson
Controlled Process Shooting

The IRONMIND Controlled Process Shooting Class, will teach the archer not only WHAT to concentrate on during a shot, but, more importantly, it will teach the archer HOW to actually concentrate under stress. The archer will learn true concentration through this class and will understand how to gain full control of their shot. .

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"Nothing I have every read, seen in a DVD or on Youtube Video compares to the experience of his class. For me, Joel Turner has been the Albert Einstein of archery."
~ Randy Flood
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