Archery Maniacs Episode 5

In this episode Joel discusses all things Elk Hunting with Archery Maniacs. We will cover Elk Calling, the most important calls to know, setting up for calling elk, how to use a diaphragm call, and much more.

The Push Episode 11

In this episode we get deep with Joel Turner of Ironmind Hunting. We talk equipment, target panic, and Mental Shot Control. (Go to Youtube and watch "The Push 1.4 - Becoming an Ironmind")

Ryan Callaghn & Kenton Carruth

Joe Rogan talks hunting with Ryan Callaghn and Kenton Carruth. Listen to Joe talk about his experience taking our online course starting around the 1hr 35min mark. The guys talk about target panic, missed opportunities, and what they've dedicated to cure it.

What Determination Looks Like With Scott Carr

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we visit with friend Scott Carr at Brent Hahn's home in Salem Oregon at after Joel Turner’s Iron Mind Hunting shooting clinic. I first met Scott at the Train To Hunt event in Enumclaw Washington. My first impression of Scott, watching him shoot and run the Train To Hunt course, is that he’s an animal--a fierce competitor who gives everything he’s got. The man has heart, determination, and an iron will.

Shooting with Joel Turner

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss Joel’s ideas and training as “snake oil” or as the same thing you’ve heard from countless other efficient shooters. But, although seeming subtle, I found Joel’s ideas and teaching methods profoundly different from anything I have heard before.

How to Call Elk and Archery Target Panic

Join Western Big Game Hunting Guide Jay Scott as he talks with two time RMEF World Champion Elk Caller Joel Turner about "How to Call Elk" and "Archery Target Panic". In this episode, we discuss cow calling, bugling, calling demonstrations, tactics for getting bulls to come in, target panic and how to fix it and what causes it.

Joel Turner Part: 1

I thought I knew the content Joel was going to share, but oh no. This information was far outside my current elk hunting box. On this episode Joel Turner talks about how he consistently calls in herd bulls using bugles. With much of the elk hunting community talking about using hunting methods outside of calling elk during the rut, Joel provides the opposite perspective.

John Stallone Talks Elk Hunting with Joel Turner

My guest Joel Turner of Ironmind Hunting is a world renowned elk caller and hunter. and is one of the country's top firearms instructors. We talk about target panic, calling elk, and getting yourself mentally prepared for the moment of truth... as always this podcast was brought to you by The Outdoor Insiders .

John Stallone Talks Elk Hunting with Joel Turner

Joel Turner is in the house!! On this episode Joel and I talk about his controlled process shooting and how this method can help you gain control of your shot. We also talk about Trad Bows and what to look for if you are in the market to get started. Joel also shares his successes from this years elk hunts. Come on in and Get-Bit!