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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do these calling techniques work in all Elk areas?

I have found that because these techniques tap into the instincts of the bulls instead of the attitude of the bulls, the results have been the same all over the western United States and Canada. These techniques are universal between Roosevelts and Rocky Mountain bulls as well.

2What types of Elk Calls do I need for the event?

Because these sounds are relatively easy to make on a variety of calls, you can bring whatever call brand you like. You will learn things to look for in call types and brands as well so you can make a more educated purchase.

3How far are you willing to travel for a scheduled event?

I am flexible to travel but those costs will be built into the total quote of the event.

4What is a good size for a group event?

I can tailor my presentation to all group sizes. However, if you would like more personal instruction with one on one time I prefer groups less than 15.