May 1, 2017

Top 10 Places to make the most impact with your online class

April 13, 2017
Shooting Clinic Texas

Controlled Process Shooting Immersion Clinic

Imagine learning an innovative method of total shot control in the morning, and then being able to test that newly gained knowledge in actual live hunting […]
March 6, 2017

Oregon Shot Control Clinic

It is truly inspiring to see the mental transformation of shooters that have decided to succeed.  Today’s shot control clinic in Oregon was epic to say […]
February 26, 2017

2017 TEXAS TRIP #1

This is the first real trip to Texas after I developed the CONTROLLED PROCESS SHOOTING program.  It has been 8 years in the making.  Back in […]
December 8, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Your success at the moment of truth is not dictated by your shooting ability. It depends solely on your ability to make decisions within your shot. Your success […]
December 8, 2016

Have You Practiced Lately

The season is upon us and many are out in the woods after a summer of vigorous preparation.  This preparation included getting your bow tuned to […]
August 22, 2016

1,000 Draws

Randy Dedicated 1,000 Draws Without Shooting Once To Fix His Target Panic. Continue Reading
August 21, 2016

Sleeping with Elk

If I am bivy hunting for elk, where should I sleep? That question comes up quite frequently from bivy hunters that find themselves in close proximity […]
August 14, 2016


Every consistently successful hunter gets there. It just depends on how much time you waste getting there. It is the turning point. It is the point […]
October 8, 2015

My Crazy 2015 Elk Season

The 2015 season came with much anticipation.  I had been giving elk calling the shooting seminars all year and it was time to practice what I […]