Over 2,000 people have gained control of their shot with my Controlled Process Shooting Program.


Joel has been a Police Officer, Firearms and Archery Instructor, and Sniper Team Leader on a SWAT Team for over 15 years. He knew there had to be a way to learn HOW to control the mind in high stress shooting events. Years of failure and mediocre performance led to Joel’s turning point in his own hunting and tactical environments. Failure was no longer an option.

Hundreds of hours of research and experimentation led to the breakthrough that is CONTROLLED PROCESS SHOOTING. After attempting to cure his own target panic with every available method at the time, one truth rang clear, “Nothing will work for you, you have to work for it.” But Joel didn’t know HOW to do the work. Many of the so called cures said what to do, but not how to do it, mentally. He made it his life long quest to not only find and master this information, but be able to effectively pass this vital information to other like minded people.

This is the treasure map every hunter and target shooter is seeking. Controlled Process Shooting is about knowing what decisions to make in a shot, specifically when to make those decisions, and scientifically how to carry those decisions out. This is the blueprint to the controlled shot under any amount of stress. This program is solid, vetted information. However, it will not work for you, you have to work for it. This program will show you HOW to do the work. Controlled Process Shooting is a life changing program.

Listed in the top 4 elk callers in the world since 2006
2008 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation World Elk Calling Champion / Pro Division
2010 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation World Elk Calling Champion / Pro Division
Logged over 2400 hours of Firearms Instruction to Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians



Ironmind Hunting is an excitingly different way of thinking. It is an entirely new attitude on how to approach high stress shooting. No longer will you step up to the stake in a 3-D tournament, or stare down the buck of a lifetime with only hope on your side.

You will approach these events with knowledge on HOW you are going to succeed. You will know what decisions need to be made, when to make them, and how to carry them out. You will understand the mental processes that are fighting you in your shot. You will know how to employ the controllable mechanisms that will lead to your new found confidence.

Ironmind Hunting is about empowerment. The power that comes from having a specific and simple mental blueprint is life changing. Ironmind Hunting is about learning from the mistakes of others so your effectiveness skyrockets. Trust me, this is the information we are all seeking. Join the revolution that is controlling their game.


Our philosophy is simple, “Life is too short not to have this information.” It is agonizing to watch someone struggle through the same shooting problems that I have dealt with throughout my life. Back then, I hadn’t done the research, I didn’t ask the right questions, I didn’t know how to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others before me. It took me a lifetime to reach my turning point.

I had to fail before I could succeed, and fail I did, over and over. It was not until I started making decisions within my shot and figuring out HOW to carry out those decisions, that I became a good student of the shooting mind. I want you to become a student of your shooting mind. Know the mental processes that are keeping you out of control, especially under stress. Learn what questions to ask so you too can formulate your own blueprint for the controlled shot. It has been said, “Those that can learn from the mistakes of others are vastly more effective than those that can only learn from trial and error.” Become an effective shooter. Reach your turning point. Decide to succeed.

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